Finest Acoustic Rock

The 21-year-old Cindy MacKensen is a singer with passion impressing with her high vocal range.

Since the age of thirteen Cindy is performing on stage and attracts the listeners attention with her very special rock voice. In her ex-band she sung blues and progressive rock songs from bands like Deep Purple, 4 Non Blondes and Dream Theater.

Cindy MacKensen has already played several years with the guitarist Gerrit Schwerthelm in an acoustic duo called IT TAKES TWO in a couple of local enviroments, on various cultural events and seminars. For a short time she is also giving solo concerts on many events in her sorroundings including Brunswick, Goettingen and Hanover.

Cindy is since January 2011 as Madame Zora singer at the nationally famous medieval band Pestilenzia. With her lute or cittern she expanded the variety of instruments the medieval band.

With her expressive voice Cindy makes music come to life.

Thanks to various professional singing lessons the young musician changes her voices between soft and strong with ease. She literally 'juggles' with the tone of her voice over three octaves and knows exactly how to give an individual touch to every tune she sings.

From the deepest of her heart the artist shows her muscial passion to the audience. In this manner, her powerful voice reaches the audience directly and her music stirs every listener immediately (goosebumps guaranteed).

Her repertoire spreads from pop to rock, from ballads to powerful contemporary tunes. Strong and devouted Cindy MacKensen interprets own compositions and coversongs of popular musicians like Evanescence, Paramore, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Neil Young and Ozzy Osbourne (just to name a few).

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Live Acts

24th august 2013 at 17:00

Open house evening at spa and sauna land

Aloha Aqua-Land
Osterode am Harz

Cindy mit Gitarre